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Sean Balassa, Owner
Dorothy Myers, Owner
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About Golden Harvest Cafe
We bought the Golden Harvest in 1998.  With one of us being vegetarian (Dorothy) and one of us happy to be a meat eater (Sean) we wanted a restaurant that could cater to both of us.  We felt strongly that we offer a menu that everyone in a family could find something to eat.  And if we cooked it correctly, then it could be also be enjoyed by all.

​Quality food made from scratch that we would be proud to feed our families is the only type of meals we feel comfortable feeding our customers.  Fresh juices, organic coffee, everything made in house, and giving as much choice as possible to our customers.  It's the type of food we want for ourselves and our families.  It's the only food we will serve our customers.  

Sean learned the art of reading a cook book and the joy of cooking as a young boy – under the tutelage of his mother. He never looked back. He runs the restaurants from the vantage point of the kitchen. He believes that the most important thing that the GHC can offer its customers is quality of the food. Which really means, he loves to cook.
If Sean is the engine that runs the restaurants, than Dorothy is the pilot.  A whiz with numbers and a clear vision of what it takes to be a successful business, Dorothy steers the GHC so that Sean can play in the kitchen.
Herbivore, Carnivore, We Have What You're Looking For!